Our Values


People across the political spectrum are affected by the fire safety crisis and everyone has the right to protest. We ask that people don’t bring party political messaging to protests, so that everyone feels comfortable.


The fire safety crisis is a hugely painful issue, causing too many of us to struggle with severe mental health issues. We avoid blaming and shaming each other and seek to work with each other to solve the crisis. Respectful disagreement, difference in opinion and honest feedback is welcome; rudeness, aggression and abuse is not. All our protests are strictly peaceful.


We use people power to put pressure on the Government and all responsible companies to answer our calls for justice. We speak out loudly against injustice and we don’t let the threat of punishment, exclusion or fines stop us from standing up for our rights. We don’t ask for permission to fight for our homes, our livelihoods and our lives.


As leaseholders and tenants, we seek safe housing for all. Disabled groups are more at risk in unsafe buildings so accessibility is a priority. We ask for feedback on how we can be more inclusive. We all have blindspots and we want to learn how to bring everyone in. Diversity makes us stronger.